What to Expect

At Mary’s Chapel Baptist Church, we're always excited to welcome new guests. First impressions are very important and that is why we want to make your visit as pleasant an experience as possible. Here's what you can expect when you come and worship with us.

We have provided guests with parking directly beside the sanctuary. If you have mobility restrictions or young children to carry, feel free to use one of the spots closest to the door. We like to keep them free for guests and people who need assistance.

Please don’t worry about what you will wear to church, for we truly believe people should come to God as they are. Once you walk in the doors, you'll see that the congregation has all types of people in all kinds of dress. While a few people in the church wear ties, others might be in khakis or jeans. Shorts are as welcome as suits, and you'll probably see both.

When you walk in, one of our greeters will be there to welcome you. They're usually stationed at the front door and they'll show you where everything is. If you have kids, they can help you find the nursery and Sunday school classes. Our greeters can also point you to the restrooms, sanctuary and fellowship hall. If you have any questions about the service itself, the greeters are able to provide helpful answers.

Be sure to hang around after the service. You'll have a chance to meet our pastor and many other people in our church. We'd also love to get to know you so you're a familiar face the next time you come.